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Lussier Hot Springs: What to know before you go

There's nothing like natural hot springs. They look and feel wild and are absolutely gorgeous, nestled in nature. Are you visiting the Kootenays and feel like checking out some hot springs?

While we were on a getaway to Invermere, BC earlier this year, we decided to check out Lussier Hot Springs in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. It's a family friendly location that is public and free.

The hot springs are accessed by a winding bumpy gravel logging road, the snow hadn't melted yet and the hot springs were closed. We drove on to check out another hot spring, but the road was just too sketchy, so we turned back with the promise that we would get to one or both of these hot springs in the summer.

Fast forward to August and we are back in Invermere for a summer vacation and this time we made it to Lussier! And it was open. (Bonus!) This place can get heavy traffic in the warmer months and we didn't get there early - arriving at around 10am. Despite bear sightings for two consecutive days, the place was packed. Normally, whenever I hike or check out pretty much any nature spot, I am there early. Like, 5-6 in the morning early in the summer months, so I knew there would likely be a few people there, but I was actually shocked to find so many bathers crowded in, nearly shoulder to shoulder in the hot pools. The pools were also a lot smaller than I had expected, but the forest surroundings were lovely. beyond the springs is a fast moving cold river - which I imagine would be great for a cold plunge after soaking in the hot pools.

Accessing the hot springs is as easy as following a downhill trail

from the parking area right to the hot pools. Total walking time from parking to the hot springs is under five minutes.

We ended up hanging out by the springs without going in. We took a path into the woods and along the river and hung out on some giant rocks until we were ready to go.

I could see myself going back in the summer or early fall - just earlier in the day and on a weekday.

The springs also have a very strong sulphur smell (rotten eggs would be a close description) which would be the only reason that I might actually not go back. I have smelled similar smells in Banff, but not quite as strong.

All in all, if you do want to check out Lussier Hot Springs, add the location on Google Maps and be sure to go early and on a weekday, if you can! The signage is great and it is easy to find. Have fun!

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