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Bottling Spring Water in Canmore, Alberta

Me and one of my many water bottles

The path to spring water

WHY? T​his all started when I paid a visit to hypnotherapist and friend, Line Laroche of Flow Motion. She offered me a glass of the most delicious water that I've ever tasted. It was fresh, odour free, there was no metallic or weird taste. It was beautiful. When I asked where she acquired it, she told me all about the spring water she had bottled herself in Canmore, Alberta. Canmore is a sweet and sleepy picturesque Rocky Mountain town located right outside of Banff, Alberta. It is a beautiful hour and a half drive west from Calgary.

A few weeks later when Line was heading out to Canmore to bottle more water, I tagged along with my own giant water bottles to learn the process. It was a clear day and the view driving from the foothills into snow-capped Rockies never gets old.

THE SPRING WATER: The water comes from the earth and emerges from the ground near the Harvie Heights exit off of the Trans-Canada highway. It is the first time the water is exposed to air and light. You can hear and follow the sound of the running water into a forested area. The path leads to a clearing and to the source of the clear, icy water. Being in the mountains and amongst the thick brush of trees and rocks is a great feeling. The air is fresh and I felt instantly grateful, connected and at peace.

After filling and hauling many, many huge bottles of water back to Line's Jeep, we drove into Canmore and had lunch at The Range (update March 2021 - The Range has permanently closed) It is the cutest little restaurant with the best sandwiches, soups and salads. The curried chickpea coconut soup was a life-changer.

IS THE WATER SAFE TO DRINK? After that day of amazingness, I was hanging out with Tim and our friends Kasy and Mitch. I was telling them all about the spring water excursion and Mitch posed a very valid question; "How do you know that the water isn't really coming from some a sketchy water source with a dead deer lying in the water upstream?" Record scratch. We all laughed and laughed and laughed. But it was a good question. What was I actually drinking?

I placed a call to the Town of Canmore to find out more information. I a friendly employee advised that since the spring is technically outside of Canmore city limits, the city doesn't test the water. She also mentioned that she is aware a lot of people drink from the source and has never heard of anyone getting sick. She suggested that if I wanted to find out more about the water, I could purchase a water testing kit and have the water tested for a fee.

THE VERDICT: I've been drinking the water non-stop and am still alive as of writing time. So is my friend Line. Instinctually, I believe that the water is fine, so I will continue to consume it. (Going with my gut - haha!)

Check out my Instagram Stories entitled ‘Canmore’ for pictures and and videos of this super cool spot.


Water bottles ready to be filled

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