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Bath - A modern city that takes you back in history.

Bath is one of the most beautiful, charming, interesting places that I have been to in England. It continues to captivate me and I discover new things with every visit.


The Abbey

You cannot miss it. One of the most gorgeous, intricately built buildings that I have had the pleasure of seeing.

The Ancient Roman Baths

To walk around and see the Roman Baths almost as it was two thousand years ago is mind blowing. If you only do one thing while you are in Bath, make sure this is it! Oh, and the heated rooftop mineral pool . It’s got spectacular views of the hills, the buildings and is so worth it. Google it, then do it. Or don't Google it and just go.

Avon River

The avon river winds gently through bath and is lovely to walk along or to view from up on a bridge. Pick up some cheese, bread, fruit and sparkling water to enjoy along the bank in the park.

Walking or jogging along the canal paths & Syndey Park

In the morning before it’s too busy is a great time for a jog. Again, the scenery is just gorgeous. Sydney park is a shaded park with pathways and cool structures.

Double decker bus tours. A great way to see a lot in one go. A totally fun, touristy thing to do.

Wandering the little cobblestone streets to find unique stores, ice cream shops, restaurants, pubs and other hidden gems.


Walking, public transportation and uber. Bath is not flat. There are hills and cobblestone. I loved walking everywhere. It gave me endless photo ops and allowed for a make your own adventure-like feel as I wandered down and around streets. I was constantly deviating off of the path that I had originally meant to take. If I was out in the evening, uber was a quick way to get back to where we were staying.


In England, most eateries and pubs require you to order and pay at the bar. We learned this the hard way a few years ago when we wondered why the service was absolute shite and then found out what the deal was. It would have been funnier if I wasn't so hungry.

The Real Italian Pizza. So, so, so good! My husband and I ate a pie each. Easily. We ate outside in the courtyard and enjoyed the atmosphere as well as looking up and trying to guess how old the building was. We had heard good things about this restaurant from locals and it did not disappoint.

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms. Found this cute little pub just by wandering around. Big on old English charm. And the (borderline salty) barkeep's dry sense of humour was hilarious. A place to avoid if you can't take a joke. The fish n' chips made me happy.

Hall & Woodhouse. The coolest rooftop level that my even cooler cousin and his gorgeous girlfriend introduced us to. The building used to be an auction house. If you visit one restaurant on this list - this is it. The views are incredible. The traditionally English food was delicious. I wanted to try everything and was especially curious about the nut roast. This is something I will be finding a recipe for to try at home.

PS: Beware of the psycho seagulls who are on alert with all of their friends, waiting to steal unattended food. Truth.

Tapas Revolution. The place was very busy. And very beautiful. The server was hurried and the menu was confusing. We are definitely not afraid to ask questions, but it was still confusing. Perhaps we need to brush up on our Spanish Tapas skills? Not surprisingly, we did not end up getting exactly what we thought it was we would be getting, but the food we got was very, very good.

I loved writing this. It brought back such nice (and tasty!) memories of Bath. We are so fortunate to be able to visit this unbelievable place as much as we do to visit family. I can't wait to return so I can walk and eat my way through one of my favourite cities on Earth.

I feel like this could turn into a food/restaurant blog very quickly.

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