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I get excited about getaways – but the excitement of our visit to Ibiza was on a whole other level. It started with a toss up between Mallorca and Ibiza and after talking to cousin Claire from Wales who has been to both islands, we decided that Ibiza would be our next Spanish stop. (See recommendations at the end.)

Ses Figueretes Beach, Ibiza
Ses Figueretes Beach

The flight from Liverpool was short – about 2.75 hours and I was stoked about the following four days that we would spend here. I was in awe of the place as soon as we started our descent. The aerial view of little islands and rock formations for the first time was breathtaking. We chose to spend our four days on Ibiza during the week to avoid the plane loads of people who arrive for the weekend festivities. We left on a Friday night and after seeing how packed everywhere was becoming, we realized that staying here during the week was a good move.

Upon landing we saw the private jet that belongs to Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. if you’re not an EDM fan, this probably means nothing to you and that’s okay, but I got a bit excited.

Speaking of EDM music, Ibiza has long held the reputation of being one of the ultimate party destinations and I’m not here to dispute that. If it’s a party that you’re looking for – your search stops here. However, there is less discussed side to this most beautiful Balearic island and it doesn’t involve famous DJ’s, drinks and party drugs. Ibiza is also a great place to experience a different kind of getaway - something quieter and more explorative. I was surprised to see families and couples of all ages as well as groups of friends and solo travellers here.

Ibiza views
Ibiza views

Choosing Ses Figueretes as our base, we were right on the beach. Figueretes is a fig tree. Fig trees used to cover the area but have been replaced with the boardwalk, hotels, open air cafes and restaurants. The beach itself is a sight to behold. There is so much activity and the sight of the steep hills that drop off into the warm, shimmery Balearic sea are incredible.

We’re a restless lot, so spending entire days of the beach were out. We did what we do best; wandering around and checking things out. Ses Figueretes was a great place to stay because of its proximity to Ibiza Town and nearby beaches. We started off our days with swimming in the sea and ended each day again by the water soaking up the last glow of the sun as it descended. In the hours between, we walked along the boardwalk to other beaches, into the town of Ses Figueretes and to Ibiza Town. We bought provisions to make snacks at our apartment and for picnics on the beach. We browsed the shops – I had no idea how amazing the clothes would be here, you can find much more than your typical touristy beach wraps. I also got some good practice at the Spanish I’ve been studying at the tiny restaruants that we stopped at to try tapas.

Evenings on Ses Figueretes beach
Evenings on Ses Figueretes beach

*The Spanish in Spain is markedly different than the Spanish in Latin America. Castilian Spanish pronounces some letters differently – for instance; cerveza (beer) is pronounced ther-vay-sa. You would also call Senor Lopez, Senor Lo-peth. I embraced the lisp wholeheartedly. Tim had fun laughing at my attempts.

Ibiza town is gorgeous. A chill 25-30 minute walk from Ses Figueretes, Ibiza town features whitewashed buildings with the blue sea and marina as a dramatic backdrop. It is a place that begs to be explored. Tons of cute corners, cafes, art shops and interesting people.

Wandering around Ibiza Town
Wandering around Ibiza Town

One of the many amazing boutiques in Ibiza Town
One of the many amazing boutiques in Ibiza Town

The beautiful buildings in Ibiza Town
Beautiful Ibiza Town

Places like this have a way of making me rethink everything, completely everything about life and how I live it. Granted, it’s easy to be in a relaxed state of

peacefulness and be absolutely present while on vacation, but I think the real value of vacations are being able to take a slice of that feeling back into real life to make it a bit different.

Next up: Where to stay and what to do.


Apartementos Lido. Prime oceanfront property, this hotel is made up of apartment suites with a bedroom and pull-out bed in the living room. Each suite offers a kitchenette and ours had an ocean view balcony. It was right in the centre of Ses Figueretes and had a great pool with more views of the sea. There are two supermercados (grocery stores) right across the street so you can grab yourself some tasty treats to create your own charcuterie board and share it over a glass of sparking water or tempranillo while watching the waves on your balcony. Bliss.

Apartamentos Lido
The linear looking Apartamentos Lido

The pool at Apartamentos Lido, complete with Balearic Sea views
The pool at Apartamentos Lido, complete with Balearic Sea views


Hands down my favourite spot in Ses Figuretes is EsXiringuito . Again, prime beachfront location. This open air restaurant and bar has the best of everything; watching the action on the boardwalk and beach, views of the Balearic Sea, amazing tunes spun by the resident DJ, yummy food and the tastiest beverages served up by friendly, charismatic and entertaining bartenders. We made fast friends with Otto and Alex (please watch my Instagram stories entitled ‘Ibiza’ to see their magic because my words alone will never do their talent justice!). They even prepared non-alcoholic drinks with their fun and special flair. Definitely a highlight of our trip.

Beautiful views of the beach and sea from EsXiringuito in Ses Figueretes, Ibiza
Views from the incomparable EsXiringuito on Ses Figeretes beach


The beach on Ses Figueretes is a public beach. You won’t find Caribbean white powdery sand but the water is refreshing while being warm and the views are great. We visited the beach every day of our trip and loved every second. Bring your own beach blanket, food and drinks and have a picnic.

Ibiza views
Ibiza views

Ses Figueretes Town and Ibiza Town:

It’s fun to walk around and check things out. The beachfront is lively and fun, but there is plenty to see when you leave the beach and wander the town. There are restaurants offering up famous Spanish tapas, (small plates), traditional sangria and vermouth. It is a great joy to walk around and enjoy sights, tastes and sounds that are so different from Canada. The walk to Ibiza Town was about 25-30 minutes at a decent pace and taxis are readily available if walking isn’t fun for you.

Get these before you go:

Learn some basic Spanish before you go to be able to order food, ask for directions and impress all of the new friends you're going to meet!

A great, hard-shell carry on suitcase that will fit all of your essentials and looks amazing, as well.


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