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The Best Calgary Walking/Running Paths: River Walk

River Walk - Riverfront Avenue SE (Chinatown)/ (Peace Bridge) Memorial Drive Loop

Here is another great Calgary walking/ running path to enjoy as the temperatures climb and we're all feeling the need to get outside.

We started by parking at Riverfront Ave and 1 Street in front of the Harry Hays building and crossed the street, heading West on the pathway adjacent to the Bow River. The day was overcast but warm and there was a light wind to cool us down on our brisk walk.

This walk showcases residential and city skyline views to the left and the Bow River to the right. the path is wide, leaving lots of room for everyone to walk and run safely with dedicated bike lanes off to the side.

The walk will lead you under the Centre Street bridge. This historic bridge crosses the Bow River, connecting Riverfront Ave by Chinatown with Memorial Drive on the opposite side of the river. The bridge was completed in 1916 and features four huge white lions that matches the stone of the bridge as well as other ornamental commonwealth details that upon closer inspection are really interesting to look at.

Sien Lok Park

A green space that was turned into park in 1982. You can find sculptures, benches, a tai chi area, and a playground.

Beautiful condo and riverfront townhomes that line the path. I always enjoy looking at buildings and beautiful homes.

Next is up is the Peace Bridge pedestrian bridge to cross the river and head east back to where we started.

Peace Bridge pedestrian bridge, completed in 2012, connects the Bow River Pathway. Once you cross it, you have the option of turning right so you're now heading east, with the river on your right. Following the Bow River pathway across the river and onto Prince's Island Park offers more walk/run pathways and is a great place to picnic. You're in the city, but surrounded by nature and many geese. The Bow River pathway continues across the island and back over to Riverside Drive where you can hang a left to head East back to the starting point.

Tamsyn and I walk very quickly (but slow enough to have a conversation without getting winded), and this walk took us exactly one hour from start to finish. The path is paved and smooth and fairly even, with the exception of a small upwards incline right before the bridge that leads you to Prince's Island park. This path is perfect for all fitness levels and ages and features great places to stop and take photos. Go early to avoid the crowds that this beautiful river walk inevitably draws.

For another beautiful downtown walk that feels like a nature walk, check out my post about St. Patrick's Island, located in Calgary's East Village.


My name is Nicole and I am a Calgary based lifestyle and travel blogger with a focus on alcohol free living. During this extended period of self-isolation, like many, I've been more lifestyle and less travel lately but I am always looking to find new ways to stay inspired and have fun without travelling too far from home.


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