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Autumn Reflection 2020

Autumn is when the days get shorter and cooler, life slows down as those in the northern hemisphere prepare for the coldest and coziest season.

Without question, this year has been decidedly different than autumns of the past. September is the January of the fashion world - this year, it doesn't seem like the focus is on fashion. It doesn't seem the focus is on planning winter travel as we're not sure about whether or not the world will be put under lockdown again due to the global pandemic.

This year isn't done and it has already brought sadness, fear and loss to many. It has also brought perspective, hope and new beginnings to others. While still apprehensive at times, I've learned to breathe deeper, contemplate a little longer and embrace change, relinquishing the illusion of control and welcoming the adventure of not knowing what comes next in life.

I feel more at peace than I can remember after spending the summer not travelling, but here in Canada with friends, family, in nature, at home. Taking time to enjoy being alone and enjoying the solitude while preparing to spend even more time in my country over the winter. Lying in bed in the dark mornings a bit longer, going to sleep in the evenings a little earlier. Taking the time to appreciate this fleeting season before we're embraced by Winter again.


My name is Nicole and I am a Calgary based lifestyle and travel blogger with a focus on alcohol free living. During this period of self-isolation and physical distancing, like many others, I've been more focused on lifestyle than travel. This time has given me the opportunity to slow down and find ways to stay inspired, have fun, stay fit and eat well without travelling too far from home.

While I am inspired by beautiful Instagram pages and blogs that feature nomad travellers living and working from beaches in enviable locales – but that’s not my reality. Even though I don’t normally travel for extended periods of time, I have always had great times and made amazing memories on my getaways.

Get in touch: Find me on Instagram. Follow along for more photos and behind the scenes stories.


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