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Autumn Reflection 2019

A view of Okanagan Lake from the summit of Knox Mountain, Kelowna BC

September’s energy makes it feel almost like a second January in terms of new beginnings. I think it’s because even though it’s technically still summer, September also marks the beginning of fall which is a time of transformation. It gives one a chance to reflect on how the year has gone so far and what I need to do to achieve our year’s goals before December 31. I also look at is at a time to set myself up for bringing in the new year fully charged with the momentum created in September.

Summer is synonomus with off time. Long hot days, barbeques, summer vacations, taking off to some coastal destination or being by the lake, playing and having fun. Sometimes that doesn’t exactly jive with staying consistent with my plan. This summer was one of the best ever [see Wales, Liverpool & Birkenhead, Ibiza and Formentera posts and you’ll see why!] But not so great for staying consistently on track.

For the last 123 days of the year (at the time of writing this), I resolved to get back on track with fitness, writing and my creative side while enjoying all of what September has to offer – cooler mornings, wrapping up in cozy knits and enjoying hot tea in the backyard before starting the day, staying present, enjoying the transition from summer to autumn and refocusing on what I need to get done.

Get this:

My fall/ winter read because I think that it will take me until Spring to complete everything except the Workbook for Students and the Manual for Teachers.

This is a very deep read spanning 1,945 pages in total that delves into spiritual transformation. This mega volume that is based on the original notes from Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles includes everything ACIM related.

Volume I: The Text with annotations. It brings clarity to the text as you read the passages

Volume II : The Workbook for Students

Volume III : The Manual for Teachers

Clarification of Terms

Appendix I : Cameo essays

Appendix II : The need for this edition and how it was made

Appendix III : Glossary of Course terms

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