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Summer Vacay Part 1: Bath, England

Bath, England has got to be my favourite summer place. I’ve been here several times and each time, I experience something new.

I always look forward to my visits to Bath because the area has so much history and positive energy. The fresh air, country views and being surrounded by people that I love, respect and admire recharges me. My goal this time 'round was to enjoy quiet time, scenic walks, runs and meditation in my favourite places while eating my way through the quaint and historic town.

This time around, my mom and I decided on a girls trip to Europe (We also went to Paris, France). Just me and her. We’ve never done such a trip, so that added an additional layer of excitement to the upcoming trip.


A 50 minute flight from Calgary to Edmonton and then an 8 hour and 20 minute direct flight from Edmonton to London Gatwick with WestJet to meet my mom who had arrived direct from Toronto just over an hour earlier. Mom and I were picked up by my cousin Barbie and we went back to her flat for a visit and refreshments before taking an Uber to meet my other cousin Andrew and my mother’s sister in London.

We enjoyed lunch at Cote Brasserie, a cute French chain of restaurants with really tasty food (the spring pea risotto was so good!) before hitting the motorway to Bath.

Side note: Bath is also very easy to get to by train. The 2.5 hour train journey is peaceful and relaxing with great views through large picture windows.


The City of Bath is located in the rolling hills of the southwest Somerset countryside. It is picturesque beyond belief with centuries old architecture and spectacular cathedrals. It has a very cool history dating back to the Roman era. Bath is famous for the ancient Roman Baths (see my post: Bath – A Modern City that takes you back in History).

The City of Bath is far from a well-kept secret which is evident by the number of tourists that descend upon the city year round.

Views from within the city

discovering cute side streets

the exterior of the Giggling Squid Thai Restaurant
Giggling Squid Bath

Giggling Squid Bath

Giggling Squid Bath

Giggling Squid Bath

Giggling Squid Bath

Giggling Squid Bath

Mom and me hanging out in town

Local folklore says this restaurant was once a brothel

houseboats on the River Avon

Walking or running paths along the River Avon

Views from my run along the River Avon
Bath's spectacular Abbey

View of Bath from Alexandra Park

The River Avon from the Pulteney Bridge

Blissful backyard scene

Views from The Real Italian Pizza Restaurant

Me, striking a pose on a walk along a residential street

backyard views at dusk


We stayed with my mother’s sister at her home in the hills of Bath. This place never gets old for me. Spacious and inviting, my favourite part of the home is the conservatory (sun room). This lovely space is sunny and bright with a nice view of the city. This magical spot is where I look forward to reading, writing, enjoying a glass of wine and meditating.


As usual, we walked just about everywhere. The bus schedule is easy enough to figure out with schedules posted at all of the stops along with digital signage so you know when the next bus will be arriving. When I have taken the bus here, the drivers have always been helpful enough to let me know if I am on the right route when I have asked. They also provide change.

The area is very hilly and there are cobblestone street everwhere, so I do not recommend stepping out in anything with a high heel, unless you’re a glutton for punishment or you’re catching a ride directly to your destination.


The goal of this trip was to spend time with family and have some fun with my mom, and we did just that. On our first day, even though we were both jet-lagged, we took a leisurely stroll into the town and wandered around, shopped (Primark!!!) and finished our afternoon with a delicious creamy Guinness (on tap!) at the West Gate, a very cute traditional English pub located in a 17th century building that is right in the thick of the shopping area in town.


My family is big on tradition.Sometimes we hang out and other times we will do our own thing during the day and in the evening, we gather outside together in the vast garden to enjoy a meal that we have all helped to prepare, sharing stories and laughs.

I also enjoy trying out new restaurants and visting old favourites, so I did manage to treat my mom to The Real Italian Pizza where we shared a pie. Once again, the pizza was flawless and I enjoyed introducing her to my favourite Bath pizza joint.

My cousin Jai and I also snuck out to check out Giggling Squid, a Thai restaurant in Bath. Contrary to its name, there was more than seafood on the menu. I’ve eaten enough standard English fare to last me several lifetimes, so I was up for trying this place. The food was insanely good. More than insanely good. I will say hands-down that it was the best Thai food that I have ever had. Yeah, I just said that and it’s one hundred percent true. If you are in Bath, please make this one of your destinations. Bonus: The décor is GORGEOUS. So gorgeous. Floral wallpaper, a birdcage eating area. I probably sound nuts, so just look at the photos. (located above) It was a joy to eat here. As we always do, my dashing cousin and I talked and laughed 'til our faces hurt over plates of yummy food and created memories that I won’t soon forget. (#JaiVuitton)


We visit Bath every summer because of the family that we have here and also because I am absolutely enamoured by the city. I will keep coming back for the reasons above, but also because our stay in bath has and continues to serve as a mid-year retreat and reset.

If you haven’t visited this city, I would encourage you to give it a try! As always, if you have any questions or would like any advice on planning a trip to Bath, my email is open to you!

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