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New Moon Meditation

New moon meditation

The new moon is the first of the lunar phases and in astrology, it marks the opportunity for new beginnings. Each new moon has significant meanings as each new moon falls in a different zodiac sign.

I have experienced positive changes within my life through meditation and hypnotherapy under the guidance of Flow Motion’s Line Laroche. Line (pronounced ‘Lynn’), is a master hypnotherapist, energy healer and holistic nutritionist who specialises in helping her clients shift their behavioural patterns in order to lead the lives that they truly wish to live. She has a very welcoming, peaceful energy which instantly put me at ease as well as many years of experience in this line of work which shows in the results of her clients.

Having worked with Line, and after experiencing amazing results for myself, I decided to attend her new moon meditation session.

The meditation room was dimly lit by candles. We brought crystals and stones that had meaning to us in the centre of the room. Each attendee had a yoga mat that was arranged in a circle around the crystals and stones. We placed blankets on our mats to ensure that we were comfortable and warm during the session. Everyone introduced themselves and then we lay down to start the meditation.

Line quietly walked us through the hour long meditation session which was at the same time calm, energizing. It left me with fresh intention and purpose while laying the foundation for the work that I have to do myself to manifest the goals that I have set for myself.

The verdict: I would absolutely attend another group meditation session.

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